Misunderstood | By Sia Rowland

I am a little obsessed with getting my images to look very different and stand out. Photography for me, is about perspective, o'course there are some fundamental elements that make up the art-of-picture taking, but it is indeed, perspective that I'd say encompasses the uniqueness of a moment frozen in time. There is art in the way we capture reality as we perceive it and that is an ability I continue to perfect over time. 

It is now past Easter, I thought I should continue  the discounts on all our photography packages at 30% OFF for another week and a half from the day of this post. Bookings email: eppielou@thadexpressions.org or if you have any questions about our packages please let us know and we will get you sorted. 


Hi everyone, ThadExpressions has been giving special discounts to all clients who have booked us for the past two weeks and since the turn-up has been awesome; we've decided to make this last a further 3 weeks from today. 

Prices start from TSH 220,000 - for 15 Digital Pictures (Retouched/Edited) | Bring 3 Outfits for wardrobe change | (Extra TSH 75,000- Makeup)


Abby is certainly one of the best clients I have had since I started "shooting people" for a living (sounds ambiguous don't it?). We were aiming for a simple and natural look; with Abby's natural fro- on point!, her posing game was on point for her first time doing this ever.

I am looking forward to future projects with the lovely Miss Abigail-Precious (Abee|Naturals). Check out her instagram (@abeenaturals) for more about hair-care and products...

**Note**: Limited Time (30days) Price of **TSH 25,000** 


Songs of Burka

Depths of the Abstract
ThadExpressions is now mostly based in Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam. We specialise in professional beauty and portrait photography and our prices range from as low as **TSH 250,000/** through **TSH 420,000/** to **TSH 2.8M** for personal and business interests. Please feel free to ask any questions through eppielou@thadxpressions.org

Enjoy browsing through the rest of the website. 


African Vitality

A fine afternoon this was to have a quick shoot with the naturally talented Ikunda. This time I decided to go very simple and plain, with just a kanga shirt and a head wrap, large earrings with minimum makeup which Ikunda herself did. I'd say it went perfect since it only took 5mins literally to get the results I wanted to see. I hope ya'll like what you see as much as I do.