Abby is certainly one of the best clients I have had since I started "shooting people" for a living (sounds ambiguous don't it?). We were aiming for a simple and natural look; with Abby's natural fro- on point!, her posing game was on point for her first time doing this ever.

I am looking forward to future projects with the lovely Miss Abigail-Precious (Abee|Naturals). Check out her instagram (@abeenaturals) for more about hair-care and products...

**Note**: Limited Time (30days) Price of **TSH 25,000** 


Soulful Whispers

I smile where a smile can heal the soul/
Nothing makes sense when you aren't around to break my fall/
A Love more precious than gold, one I hold close, like a broken heart consoled/
It never lasts am told, but it is the only thing that keeps me warm when I'm cold/
Your gentle whispers compel my arms to unfold/
I relinquish the anger that burns, yet my flames are softened, only to reveal a weakness untold/
Give me back the love you stole, may it forever remain in my hold.


Village At The Mountain Side

There is a time in most of my life when everything seems to be in harmony, like how everything seems to just balance on greener grass and cheers from the sun. Well, this is what it what it feels like visiting family in different places in the country when ever I get a chance. This place is right next to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and when I say "next-to" I mean right next to. Beautiful streams of natural waters from the mountains, nearly everything is green out here. Once in a while it is great to get out of the busy town life and slow things down a little to rejuvenate one's energy. I hope ya'll enjoy the sequence, be on the look out for more on the blog. See you soon.