Misunderstood | By Sia Rowland

I am a little obsessed with getting my images to look very different and stand out. Photography for me, is about perspective, o'course there are some fundamental elements that make up the art-of-picture taking, but it is indeed, perspective that I'd say encompasses the uniqueness of a moment frozen in time. There is art in the way we capture reality as we perceive it and that is an ability I continue to perfect over time. 

It is now past Easter, I thought I should continue  the discounts on all our photography packages at 30% OFF for another week and a half from the day of this post. Bookings email: eppielou@thadexpressions.org or if you have any questions about our packages please let us know and we will get you sorted. 

Village At The Mountain Side

There is a time in most of my life when everything seems to be in harmony, like how everything seems to just balance on greener grass and cheers from the sun. Well, this is what it what it feels like visiting family in different places in the country when ever I get a chance. This place is right next to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and when I say "next-to" I mean right next to. Beautiful streams of natural waters from the mountains, nearly everything is green out here. Once in a while it is great to get out of the busy town life and slow things down a little to rejuvenate one's energy. I hope ya'll enjoy the sequence, be on the look out for more on the blog. See you soon. 


The Scarf of The Midianite | Natural Portrait

The Scarf of The Midianite is really just a portrait inspired by movies I have seen trying to depict the beautiful women of Israel. After spending some time looking around shops for the perfect scarf for the shoot, Jokha(model) and I found a very good looking scarf at Mr. Price(Mlimani City Mall) for about TSH15,000.

I picked up the scarf only to realise it was a little smaller than I wanted it to be, so I took two of the same and asked Jokha to give it to her mother so she would stitch them together and thereafter we were ready to shoot. I did not want to go heavy on the makeup, rather just a little eye-liner and a gentle powdering on the skin and then we brought my imagination to life. 

Price for something similar: TSH 250,000 for 3 Pictures (Retouched).

Location: ThadExpressions, 373 Kondo, Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Email: eppielou@thadepxressions.org



Queen of the dark elves

One of the many random unplanned photoshoot I have ever done with my assistant Eppie. We took this one next to a window with plenty of sunlight just to get maximum detail on the face. And I took this to the extreme as I imagined what Eppie would look like if she had her left side of the face be exactly equal to her right side of the face and this is the result; an almost alien like look with an intense expressions is the answer. 

Eppie's sphinx Edit


I hold the music in my hands | The instrument of both deceit and truth

One of the earliest photographs I have ever taken since I took on the title of Photographer. I learned a lot of what I know now from YouTube, Photography Articles, Books etc I must have spent maybe a week or two just getting myself familiarised with my first camera; Nikon D3200 and my one and only lens 50mm f/1.8. I have used nothing more than my camera, 50mm lens and a reflector to capture nearly all of my images.

Normally, I don't just go outside and shoot stuff, I often begin with an idea then I visualise it in my mind and let my mind dwell on that thought as I write down the things I will need to set up the environment that will get me closer to making this idea into something that will be observed by the eye through a photo. All that is nice and all, but as an artist you don't stop learning, you don't stop creating, you don't stop finding new ways and ideas to paint the world as you experience it. Welcome to ThadExpressions.