Red In The Woods

Red in The Woods is a series designed by myself and Eppie(My assistant), we fired up some ideas from "Little RedRidding Hood", surely a popular story. There aren't places I have found in the region where one can by a nice red hood in the region so I had my assistant design one from scratch (all credit goes to Eppie for the brilliant job done). Finding a location was easy enough, as we didn't ran into anyone telling us the location was a no-camera zone. I didn't want any obvious posing on this series so I had Eppie go on full acting-mode so it was my job to find the right angles to capture what was happening. I hope ya'll like the outcome, stay healthy, stay creative. See ya'll on the next post. 

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Queen of the dark elves

One of the many random unplanned photoshoot I have ever done with my assistant Eppie. We took this one next to a window with plenty of sunlight just to get maximum detail on the face. And I took this to the extreme as I imagined what Eppie would look like if she had her left side of the face be exactly equal to her right side of the face and this is the result; an almost alien like look with an intense expressions is the answer. 

Eppie's sphinx Edit