Up The Sleeves

"Suddenly, I realise the old hunger to learn some of the things I should have learned a long time ago, has awaken. I took this in 2014 when I was in Arusha and never got around to post-producing it, until last night when I felt the urge to do something I haven't done before.

So I decided to try out this new rain/dust particles effect on the picture to give it busier look. It could have been any other picture, to be honest, but I chose this one because I thought it would look more interesting" 

Outdoors: Price **TSH 420,000/-**  with a **Free** Professional Make-up session


Corals and Sea Weed | Dare I Swim Here

Just had a fantastic weekend with Le-Lover at beach near Le-Home. I am extremely pumped and ready for another creative week. New projects are coming soon, including new models and concepts that me and my girlfriend Buffy have been putting together in our little scrapbook. Be on the look out for new posts on our blog; more drama and a little more narrative content to go along with it.  

Note: For a similar shoot, prices start at the usual TSH 420,000- (Mbudya Island). Email eppielou@thadexpressions for more information.  




Soulful Whispers

I smile where a smile can heal the soul/
Nothing makes sense when you aren't around to break my fall/
A Love more precious than gold, one I hold close, like a broken heart consoled/
It never lasts am told, but it is the only thing that keeps me warm when I'm cold/
Your gentle whispers compel my arms to unfold/
I relinquish the anger that burns, yet my flames are softened, only to reveal a weakness untold/
Give me back the love you stole, may it forever remain in my hold.



I hold the music in my hands | The instrument of both deceit and truth

One of the earliest photographs I have ever taken since I took on the title of Photographer. I learned a lot of what I know now from YouTube, Photography Articles, Books etc I must have spent maybe a week or two just getting myself familiarised with my first camera; Nikon D3200 and my one and only lens 50mm f/1.8. I have used nothing more than my camera, 50mm lens and a reflector to capture nearly all of my images.

Normally, I don't just go outside and shoot stuff, I often begin with an idea then I visualise it in my mind and let my mind dwell on that thought as I write down the things I will need to set up the environment that will get me closer to making this idea into something that will be observed by the eye through a photo. All that is nice and all, but as an artist you don't stop learning, you don't stop creating, you don't stop finding new ways and ideas to paint the world as you experience it. Welcome to ThadExpressions.