Hi everyone, ThadExpressions has been giving special discounts to all clients who have booked us for the past two weeks and since the turn-up has been awesome; we've decided to make this last a further 3 weeks from today. 

Prices start from TSH 220,000 - for 15 Digital Pictures (Retouched/Edited) | Bring 3 Outfits for wardrobe change | (Extra TSH 75,000- Makeup)

The Scarf of The Midianite | Natural Portrait

The Scarf of The Midianite is really just a portrait inspired by movies I have seen trying to depict the beautiful women of Israel. After spending some time looking around shops for the perfect scarf for the shoot, Jokha(model) and I found a very good looking scarf at Mr. Price(Mlimani City Mall) for about TSH15,000.

I picked up the scarf only to realise it was a little smaller than I wanted it to be, so I took two of the same and asked Jokha to give it to her mother so she would stitch them together and thereafter we were ready to shoot. I did not want to go heavy on the makeup, rather just a little eye-liner and a gentle powdering on the skin and then we brought my imagination to life. 

Price for something similar: TSH 250,000 for 3 Pictures (Retouched).

Location: ThadExpressions, 373 Kondo, Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.