'Broken Comb'

'Broken Comb' has been one of the most fun projects I have done in a long time. Putting this together took me around a week or so, going over the finer details. I have typically done loads of portraiture work in the outdoors, none of which involved the degree of planning and execution that I put in this project. I had one of my closest friends Happiness Watimanywa and a very talented Pushka (behind the scenes) come in and helped bringing my idea to life.

This project exceeded my expectations, especially because it took a very short time to execute. I believe in trusting the right kinds of people. When you are working something creative and fun, you definitely need people who are just as talented, fun, creative or even more than you. I am grateful for the awesome team I've got, and I am looking forward to putting together more and more portraiture ideas to share with the world.