Our Team

Portraits by Henry Thad / Sia Rowland

Inspired by the diverse human emotions which significantly form the basis of our everyday expressions of; love, anger, sadness, passion, pain etc. ThadExpressions intends to capture these natural displays of our inner sentiments because they are closest things to our inner beauty and that is to say true beauty lies within.


Henry Thad
Founder, Creative Director

Eppie Lou

Creative Assistant

Vivien Richard Urassa
Makeup Artist , Concept Desinger


Associates & Staff

Our creative process takes all of our passion and love of the arts carried out in the natural outdoor environment although we do have an option for indoor creative work. We work closely with our clients, involving them throughout the process of recreating things from the imagination. Join us as we embark on a journey full of endless possibilities and fun.

Eppie Lou
Creative Assistant

Vivien Urassa
MakeUp Artist, Concept Designer