The Trainee | First Attempt

What was so amazing about this day, is the fact that it only took, my dear sister Hellen Thad, just 5mins to get a hang of using the Nikon SLR D3200 with a 50mm lens on manual mode. This was her first time to even hold an slr camera; either I am darn good teacher or she has a natural talent for photography. I am proud of you always Hellen.


Ultra ˈSeɪpɪənt

Blossom Black

She believes in nothing more than getting the best for herself. Always stood tall and defended the confidence in her abilities. Nothing is more precisous than attaining a sense of fulfilment and happiness in the things you love doing and just like most other dreamers, she believes we are capable of many great things in our lives should we so choose to embrace our potential.

Kids Of Us

Most of us know that education is important, especially elementary education, but what sort of education do we need to administer to our current youngest generation so they become aware of the mordern day social-economic dynamics and how these dynamics are affecting their present & future lives! Is this an important question?