Glint |Glɪnt

Many years have gone by so fast, I haven't noticed how the world hast changed and yet everything is the same as it's always been. The sun rose very gracefully and I busked in it's glorious ambience, as I ponder upon a complex network of the multi-cultured people that dwell on the planet, each one going about their every-day things...

Kings In The Woods

Somewhere far away from everything else, a good man enjoyed his solitude after years of battling in a senseless war agaist the peoples from the northern regions of the once most beautiful country in the world, but he was soon to face one more adversary before he would truly be free from the hell brought upon the land by mankind's selfishness and greed.

Blossom Black

She believes in nothing more than getting the best for herself. Always stood tall and defended the confidence in her abilities. Nothing is more precisous than attaining a sense of fulfilment and happiness in the things you love doing and just like most other dreamers, she believes we are capable of many great things in our lives should we so choose to embrace our potential.