The Trainee | First Attempt

What was so amazing about this day, is the fact that it only took, my dear sister Hellen Thad, just 5mins to get a hang of using the Nikon SLR D3200 with a 50mm lens on manual mode. This was her first time to even hold an slr camera; either I am darn good teacher or she has a natural talent for photography. I am proud of you always Hellen.


Glint |Glɪnt

Many years have gone by so fast, I haven't noticed how the world hast changed and yet everything is the same as it's always been. The sun rose very gracefully and I busked in it's glorious ambience, as I ponder upon a complex network of the multi-cultured people that dwell on the planet, each one going about their every-day things...

Ultra ˈSeɪpɪənt

Thad Expressions Genesis

The creative director of ThadExpressions is not only a perspective portrait photographer but also a computer scientist with a passion for building high performance computers and software engineering. Currenly based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania working on a number of projects including photography, webdevelopment and online marketing consulting for small businesses. Let's just say that there is more to Mr Thad than meets the eye...