My cousin gave me a quick call on the day before this picture was taken; he said he had a little function going on over at Ramada in Mbezi Beach the next day, "why don't you come over and we will have some fun?", my cousin said. I showed up, in my beach wear looking like I was about to surf, we had good fun of course and a chef happened to be setting up his best work just outside the reception area and BOOM!

Thad Expressions Genesis

The creative director of ThadExpressions is not only a perspective portrait photographer but also a computer scientist with a passion for building high performance computers and software engineering. Currenly based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania working on a number of projects including photography, webdevelopment and online marketing consulting for small businesses. Let's just say that there is more to Mr Thad than meets the eye...

Kings In The Woods

Somewhere far away from everything else, a good man enjoyed his solitude after years of battling in a senseless war agaist the peoples from the northern regions of the once most beautiful country in the world, but he was soon to face one more adversary before he would truly be free from the hell brought upon the land by mankind's selfishness and greed.